More than 100 study participants with dry, cracked, or problem feet applied Epoch® Sole Solution™ twice daily for 12 weeks. Participants were examined by a clinical grader at four, eight, and 12 weeks.

Seven out of 10 consumers saw significant visible improvement in their dry, cracked feet within four weeks.

• Perennial® Intense Body Moisturizer—a therapeutic body moisturizer that promotes cellular durability, helping reinforce the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and protect against external aggressors.
• Epoch® Firewalker® Relaxing Foot Cream—a soothing cream that relaxes and cools hot, tired, and sore feet
• Epoch® IceDancer® Invigorating Leg Gel—a clear cooling gel that stimulates and instantly revives fatigued legs.
• Epoch® Ava puhi moni® Anti-Dandruff Shampoo—a therapeutic botanical shampoo that cleanses hair and provides soothing relief to those suffering from a dry, flaking scalp and dandruff.

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